Weatheroak Brewery ingredients

page-3-img-1 barley maltMalted Barley is used to make beer and whisky  and is the starch source in the beer which  is converted into sugars, and fermented to create alcohol and carbon dioxide.
page-3-img-2 hopsHops contain several characteristics that brewers desire in beer. Hops contribute a bitterness that balances the sweetness of the malt.
page-3-img-3 yeastYeast is the microorganism that is responsible for fermentation. It metabolises the sugars  extracted from grains, produces alcohol and carbon dioxide which turns wort into beer.
page-3-img-4 waterBeer is composed mostly  of water. Every regions water  has different mineral components as a result,  different regions are better suited to making   certain types of beer, giving them a regional character

Weatheroak Brewery WHERE BREWING IS AN ART


Weatheroak Brewery is an award-winning real ale brewery located in Studley, Warwickshire.

Weatheroak Ales was first brewed in January 1998 and the brewery was expanded in 2000 then moved to its current site in Studley in March 2009.

In November 1999 an Off Licence with a difference was opened in Alvechurch, Weatheroak Ales was created to meet the ever growing demand for Real Ale.

Along with the draught Real Ale, the shelves were always well stocked with one of the best selections of bottled beers in the Midlands. Draught cider was also available to be purchased by the pint and the Off Licence also played host to a good variety of bottled ciders.

For trade sales of award winning Weatheroak Brewery Ales please contact Dave Smith at or on 01527 854 433 for more information. Trade enquiries can also be made through our form here.



Opening Hours: Monday: 4:00pm-9:00pm

Tuesday-Thursday: 12:30pm-10:30pm

Friday: 12:30pm-11:00pm

Saturday: 12:00pm-11:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm-9:00pm